[2015] Hailee Watson: My Christmas

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[2015] Hailee Watson: My Christmas

Christmas Card InstructionsWhat you need:• 1 peice of red and green construction paper• 1 pair of scissors• 1 glue stick• a pack of markers/color pencils First, fold the red construction paper in half and make sure lines are even. Next, cut out a Christmas tree, or present, ect., from the front of the red construction paper. Then, line the construction papers together accurately and glue them together. Finally, use the markers/color pencils to make your card colorful! Repeat steps for more cards. Happy Holidays!

Favourite Carols

Christmas Video

Letter to Santa

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a time of joy, love, and happiness. Red and green all over the house and lights and ornaments that brighten it up. Christmas celebrates the birth of jesus and poses as a time of giving. Santa comes and puts presents under the christmas tree and in return children leave cookies and milk as an offering.

My Christmas


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