My Chemical Element

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Chemical Elements

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My Chemical Element

FACTS-Color- Pale Yellow -Toxicity- Highly poisonious at room temperature-Found in the gemstone "topaz"-Named by English chemist Sir Humphry Davy

Chemical Element: Fluorine



-Flourine is so reactive that it can actually extract oxygen from water and it's also one of the few items that can react with a diamond.-Fluorine was used in the very first atomic bomb

The element fluorine was founded by Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan, a French chemist, who isolated the element in 1866 in France.

Atomic Number: 9Atomic Mass: 19 (18.9)

Flourine is used for: -Rocket Fuel: Fluorine is reactant to almost every element which makes for a great explosion.-Uranium Purification: Fluorine is used to purify uranium.-Toothpaste: Fluorine helps to protect your teeth from cavities and it also helps keep your teeth white.

Fun Facts





Fluorine PunGold and fluorine walk into a bar and suddenly fluorine starts a fight. The bartender gets mad and says, "AU, get the F out of here!"

Hydrofluoric Acid and Bromine Pentafluorine are 2 of the many compounds fluorine is found in. They both contain fluorine and are highly toxic and if exposed skin-to-skin, can cause severe, corrosive skin abnormalities.


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