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Elementary School Teacher

My Careeers!

Restaurant Manager

Total # of people= 1,549,520 in 2008 Has gone up 15.75% stable

Elementary school teachers teach children from kindergarten to Grade 8.They introduce kids to numbers, language, science and social studies. Most elementary school teachers teach one class of children in several subjects.

It's up to teachers to use their creativity to make the lessons as interesting as possible for the kids. So they can be entertained and learning at the same time.

They look after what's on the menu and who's doing the cooking. They do the budgeting and deal with customers. Have a juggle of duties everyday.

Has one or more assistants to help them. They can work anywhere where food is served, if they have expirience.

There is always competition. Managers must always keep an eye out for what other restaurants are doing. They always try to provide quality food and service at a reasonable price.

Education: government-recognized course,work part time in the field as a waiter or bartender or even a hostess-learn to deal with servers, deal with guest

Annual= $52,240Hourly=$25.12

Need: be licensed, have general education in art, music, history,math, and other school subjects.


Elementary school teachers prepare and mark tests, correct homework and evaluate the progress of students for report cards. They also meet with parents, school officials and other staff members, coach sports teams or lead other extracurricular activities.

Annual= $50,320 Hourly= $24.19Total # of people= 338, 750Increased by 5.30%

Conclusion:My favorite thing about being an elementary school teacher is getting to work with kids. My favorite thing about a restaurant manager is being in charge and leading people to do right in their work. My least favorite thing about being an elementary school teacher is having to be on time with the lesson and keeping kids on track. My least favorite thing about being a restourant manager is starting, because you have to be a quick learner. I thinks that the best job for me is an elementary school teacher, this is because I love kids and working with them; also I like doing activities with kids and i am good with kids.


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    This is an outstanding project!! I would love to use this as a sample for the future!!