[2015] savannah blagen (AB 34): My Captain

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[2015] savannah blagen (AB 34): My Captain

O' Captain!My Captain!By: Walt Whitman

The poem was written to show the grief of the country after President Aberham Lincon was assasinated because of his non-slavery beliefs.

An example of sight imagery is "Oh bleeding drops of red." This shows that we see the red blodd of the captain, Indicating he is dead.

Two examples of repition are... "fallen cold and dead" this is trying to tell you that the captain is dead and isn't going to wake up. Another qoute is "Oh Captain! My Captain" this qoute is trying to make sure you know that the captain is the one that they're talking about.

Our poem " O' Captain! My Captain" is a traditional poem because there are 5 lines in each stanza.

This is just an audio reading of the poem with some pictures :)

The first example of ryhme is "O captain my captain! our fearful trip is done, this ship has weathered every rack the prize is sought and won." This shows that done and won ryhme together in a repeating pattern.

The theme of this poem is to trasure what you have while you still have it.