My Bucket List! :) !

by smilie27
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My Bucket List! :) !

My Bucket List1. BECOME A MODEL!!!2. Dance for a crowd3. Meet my sister4. Do something to make a differrence in the world5.Go to Florida, Hawaii, California, and New York!6. Be on the cover of Seventeen, Elle, Vogue, etc...7. Walk in New York fashion week8. Walk the Red Carpet9. To have my own clothing line 10. To write my own book11. Party Like a Rockstar!12. Be in the Guinese Book of World Records13. Read the entire Bible14. Climb a mountian15. Ride a horse16. Ride on a plane17. Go Skydiving (inside)18. Ride the Voyage19. Go Ziplining20. Learn how to surf 21. Learn how to play the drums22. Stand by the HOLLYWOOD sign23. Stand on the Statue of Liberty24. Ride a double decker bus25. Meet Tyra Banks26. DJ at a party27. Be in two places at once28. Ride in a helacopter29. Go to a concert30. See a waterfall in person31. Drive a Yellow Mustang Convertible32. Have a walk in closet33. Give someone a Makeover34. Go on a big shopping spree35. Own a limo36. Rescue an animal37. Be in a flash mob38. Take a cruise39. Crowd surf40. Learn sign language41. Swim with the dolphins42. Get a tattoo43. Get a spray tan44. Walk on the Great Wall of China45. Travel first class46. Travel the world47, 37. Run a marathon38. Write my own song39. See the ball drop40. Pay for some one behind me at a drive through

Live Life To The Fullest!



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