My Brother Sam is Dead

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My Brother Sam is Dead

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Main EventsTim discovers that Sam is a rebel after he comes home from colege and a few daies later sam runes a way to fight in the war. During the time when Sam is gone Tim and his father go on a trading trip but Tim's dad "who is a loyalist" gets kidnaped by rebles and killed on a prison ship.Befor Sam comes home Tim as to run his father's pub and during that time the british needlesly kill hundredes of people. When Sam comes back just to be framed for cattle theif and shot for a crime he did not do by his own side.later Tim growes up and gets maried and has a family but still wounders if he diserves the freedom he did not fight for but that Sam died to provied.

Settings:Colonial New EnglandRedding Connecticut1773

CharactersTim is a young boy in colonial new england.Sam is tim's older brother who is a reble and adventure seeker.


Problem, conflict


Most of the novel's conflict comes from Sam's inability to choose between the Loyalists who his father supports or the rebels who his older brother supports.

In conclution My Brother Sam is Dead has a lot of intersting theames like: is there realy any comratery in war, Is freedom worth the cost of somany people's lives and do the people who did not fight to earn fredom diserve it. There is also a consitrible amount of for shadowing as both Sam and Tim's father look down on cattle theives but catle theives are the reson why Sam and times father die.

My Brother Sam is Dead...

What you think about the Book?

The Book my brother sam is dead is a good book with a lot of intristing theames tackling a lot of compelectes isuess and is a very thought provocking book but if you are looking for a simple book with a happy ending this is definently not the book for you. as Tim still has not gotten over the fact that Sam died for his freedom and that he never earned it.


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