My breakfast and supper

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My breakfast and supper


Enjoy your meal!

Sandwich(The most ordinary breakfast)*Bread*Favourite Vegetables*Meat, Cheese*Any other ingredient You like

Porridge(healthy and simple)*Oat Flakes*Milk*Favourite Fruits*Maybe some honey or nuts*Other ingredients You loveCook oat flakes in milk, then add fruits and your chosen ingredients

Salad(show off Your creativity)*Everything is OK*All kinds of vegetables*Meat, Cheese*Pasta or Rice*Sauce, mayo or olive oil*Or maybe fruit salad?Fruits + Natural yogurt

This breakfast is awesome! You can do it with anything you have in fridge!

You don't have time for breakfast?Did You wake up too late?Just drink Your favourite Coffee, it's nice too, especially if You add something special to it, maybe ...*Chocolade *Cocoa *Cinnamon

Pancakes*Flour, Milk, Eggs*Jam*Nutella*Fruits*Whipped CreamMix flour, milk and eggs, fry thin cakes and add extras.

Scrambled Eggs*Mushrooms*Eggs*Meat*Onion*Tomato*PaprikaAdd everything on pan and fry for a little

Mug of hot tea makes every breakfast more delicious

Toasts with cottage cheese*Toast Bread*Cottage Cheese*Chive, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion*Or with fruits or honeyToast Your bread,smear it with butter, Cheese mix with chosen ingredients and eat it together.


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