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My borderland


Standard 1:Geographic Information-U.S. and Mexico BorderSource: 5:Regions Interpret Earth-is it a "formal, functional, or perceptual region?"

Standard 2: Mental Map(Paint)

Standard 3: Analyze-Patterns of U.S. & Mexico RemittancesSource:Noren, L. (Producer). (2009, January 30). Mapping US-Mexico Remittances [Web Map]. Retrieved from

Source:Tangient LCC. (Photographer). (2014). RIO GRANDE RIVER [Print Photo]. Retrieved from

Standard 7: Physical Process Shape of Earth-Changes over the years of the Devils Kitchen sinkhole in Sedona. Source:Villela, D. (Designer). (2009). Devils Kitchen [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

Chihuahuan Desert is dryest due to surrounding mountains. Temps are cool in winter & hot in summer. There is more diversity of cacti in this desert than any other region. Source:Lozinsky, G. (Producer). (2002). Chihuahuan Desert Distribution [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

Standard 9:Migration of HumansThis shrine is a symbol along the Migrant Trail Source: Hyatt, M. (Photographer). (2008). Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine Along the Migrant Trail 2007 [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

Standard 10: Cultural MosaicsImportance of clothing in Mexico culture had an impact in the U.S.

Standard 8: Characteristics of Ecosystem

Standard 11: EconomicInterdependence

Source: United States Energy Information Administration, Mexico Graphs, April 1999.

Standard 12: Human Settlement

Source: Cadaval, O. (n.d.). United states-mexico borderlands/frontera. Retrieved from

Standard 4:Human & Physical FeaturesRivers' edge of the Rio Grande

Standard 13: Cooperation & Conflict

Interactive map that shows how apprehensions, border agents, and other key security data changed over the past 12 years. Source:

Standard 14: Humans Modifying Environment

Changing US/Mexico BorderSource:Dixon, S. (Photographer). (2012, october 13). Changing Face of the US/Mexico Border [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

Standard 15:Physical systems affecting humans

Vera , V. (Producer). (2013). Border Patrol’s Not-So-Secret: the Normalized Abuse of Migrant Women on the U.S.-Mexico Border [Web Photo]. Retrieved from’s_Not-So-Secret__the_Normalized_Abuse_of_Migrant_Women_on_the_U_S_-Mexico_Border/

Standard 16: Distribution of Natural Resources

Standard 6: Perceptions of places & regions are influencedSource: conhill. (2012). The hispanic influence on america. Retrieved from

US Natural gas exports to Mexico

Standard 17 & 18: Interpreting past, present & future

A diagram of mobile systems communications as deployed along the U.S./Mexico border


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