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my book report

Author: Todd Strasser

Title: No Place

Main EventsMom and Dad lose their house and jobs.Dan moves in with Uncle Ron and Aunt Julie.Dan moves into Dignityville.Dad starts getting depressed and is working with somemone.Aubrey is beaten up and in a coma.Aubrey wakes up!Dan falls in love with Meg but already has a girlfriend named Talia.Dad is being forced to work with this man and now has the job to get everyone out of Dignityville.Dignityville is destroyed.Dad gets the house he was promised and the cops find out about the deal and will take the house from Dan's family.

Settingssetting 1: High Schoolsetting 2: fieldsetting 3: old homesetting 4: Dignityvillesetting 5: Hooterssetting 6: old suburusetting 7: DJ Booth

Friends and FamilyDan AubreyMasonNoahOscerZachTylerMomDadTaliaAlisiaMeg

Dua's summer project

Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

The problem in the book No Place is that a boy named Dan has to face changes in his life due to his parents losing their jobs as well as their house. He is going to college the next year and is worried for his parents and is determined to find a way to help his family.

The solution to the problen in No Place is that Dan's dad gets a phone call and the man on the other end has a job for Dan's dad. Dan's dad agrees because the man will reward him with a house.

What i think about this book is that it teaches the perfect lesson of don't take what u have for granted and its just a plain good book.



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