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My Book Report

The book night took place mainly in germany in the concentration camps ofAuschwitz and Buchenwald, and happened in 1944-45.

Elie Wiesel1986 Nobel Peace PrizeThe book night is about a 15 year old kid named Elie who was captured with his entire town by the germans and sent to a concentration camp, and then how he survived the holocaust.


Elie was forced into a concentration camp at the age of fifteen and was deprived of his rights, he wanted it to end he wanted to escape. He was living with his father and thousand of other people who like him wanted to escape, but it isn't as easy as it sounds, he would have to escape with his father and not get noticed by the guards. So Elie had persevered through the entire nightmare and eventually had been freed after the opposing armies of WWII had ended the wrath of the Nazis.


My character Elie looks like the average 15 year old with a joy full and happy face, but as the story progresses gets skinier and in a starving way and his face becomes more like a corpse face.¨From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back at me. The look in his eyes, as they stared into me, has never left me.¨ pg. 109 This shows how much the war and concentration camps had affected him not just mentally but also drastically physically. During inspection Elie would be inspected first, he would always take one step then wait for his father if he went right he would follow him if he went left he would follow him. His family, father mostly had loved his son Elie more than he loved himself ¨My father had brought me a present-half a rotation of bread obtained in exchange for a piece of rubber found at the wherehouse.¨ This shows that his father would risk his life by stealing rubber from the came to help secure his son's appetite.




The moral and theme I took away from this story was to never give up and always have faith, Elie could have ended the nightmare at any time by giving up, but instead he held his head high and kept on going always thinking to himself that he'll see the world again.



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