Jimmy Cliff - Vietnam

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Jimmy Cliff - Vietnam

Protest Poetry Vietnam about ending Vietnam By:Jimmy Cliff

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Vietnam is one of the best protest songs ever made. Praised even by the master Bob Dylan as stated in this quote" the best protest song ever writen."(Dylan). It has also been the insparation to many great songs.

Yesterday, I got a letter from my friend fighting in VietnamAnd this is what he had to say"Tell all my friends that I'll be coming home soonMy time'll be up some time in JuneDon't forget", he said, "To tell my sweet MaryHer golden lips are sweet as cherry"

Jimmy Cliff made vietnam theway that he did for a reason. thesong isfrom anarators point of view who just got aletter from a friend in Vietnam. hisfriend was drafted to Vietnam and when he got back Cliff saidthathisfriend did not recognize him. Just how he got the insparation tomakethis song. Heknew that he could make a change through the music he wrote.

Vietnam was a war that many Americans did not think we had to fight. It was a brutal war andwas mainly to stop North Vietnam from doing what it did anyway


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