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In my opinion Matched was amazingly put together by the author Ally Condie. The story is intriguing and put in a 'perfect society' setting. Which immediately catches the attention of many book nerds, who love a futuristic sci-fi story, with a little romance.


MatchedBy Mykala Barnett1st Period English

Sometime in the future around the later 2000's. Cassia, the main character, lives in the Oria Province of the Society, as a citizen. More specifically in the Mapletree Borough, where she lives in one of the houses. Everything is regulated and maintained. There is also the Outer Provinces which are more wild and less maintained with a higher percentage of aberrations and anomalies.

In a Society that doesn't make mistakes, and decides everything for you such as where you work, who you love, and when you die. What happens when the Society does make a mistake? Cassia Maria Reyes must make a choice, for the first time in her life, when her microcard flahes from her Match's picture, Xander Corrow, to Ky Markham, an aberration. Who will she choose, her best friend, or someone she finds mysterious and intriguing?


Cassia Maria Reyes, main character, Ky Markham, an aberration, Xander Thomas Carrow, her match, Samuel Reyes, her Granderfather, Cassia's Official, Cassia's Family- Molly, her mother, Abran, her father, and Bram Reyes, her brother and Emily, Cassia's bestfreind.


AUTHORAlly Condie

RECOMMENDATIONMatched is a great first book of an amazing trilogy and has me hooked, a definitely good read. An amazing Sci-fi.



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