My Book Report - Prisoner B-3087

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My Book Report - Prisoner B-3087

In the book Prisoner B-3087, They are forced to live in a their own town but with walls. The Nazis came and put up walls to fence them in, and they don't live with their own rules anymore. His family was getting moved from camp to camp. At the camps they make them work or they get killed.

Prisoner B-3087

The characters are Yanek and his family. His family consists of his dad, mom, and sister. Also, when they are at the concentration camp, he met someone that wanted revenge and he becomes a main character.


RECOMMENDATIONIf you are into books about the Holocaust I definitely recommend this book.


The setting of this book is at different concentration camps. These camps were killing you, literally. You would until you were weak and then they would kill you. Working and lying kept you alive. You had to show no tiredness or you would be killed. If you rebelled against the Nazis you would be hanged, burned or sent to the gas chambers, where you choked to death.


AUTHOR Alan Gratz


RatingMy rating for this book is 5


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