My book life

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My book life

My book life

"Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone" was the first book I remember reading all by myself when I was just 6 years old. I fell in love with the story since the first moment and couldn't stop reading. I read all the book so many times that I can't count, both in English and Portuguese. I think those will be my favorite books forever.

"The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green is my favorite individual book because it's a sad but lovely story about two teenagers with cancer that fell in love with each other. The story captivates you from the first to the last page.

"Shadows of Neanderthal" is a book that my mother used to read for me when I was a child. It's not actually a book for children, but the story is quite interesting because it stimulates you to believe in yourself, be brave and work in a team.

"An Abundance Of Katherines" is a book that made me laugh my head of from the beggining until the end. It's a about a very clever boy that had 19 girlfriends in his life and all of them broke up with him. He goes on a trip with his best friend and he tries to create an equation to explain human behavior in relationchips.



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