My Best Summer Read

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My Best Summer Read

Cutting for Stone

The Best Book I Read This Summer....

by Abraham Verghese

What did you learn about or think about while reading this book? Why would you recommend it to others?I learned quite a lot about Ethiopia by reading this book and I liked the intricate and interwoven stories of the characters. It touched my emotions. I also learned about many medical conditions and about people who make great sacrifices for others. I found out that even identical twins can be very different in many ways. This was a very engaging story.

The Setting: Most of the story takes place in Ethiopia, Africa. Later, Marion must travel to the United States so part of the story takes place in New York.

The Main Characters and five words that would describe each:Marion: Smart, Hard-working, Sensitive, Kind, HonestShiva: Brilliant, Aloof, Inventive, Unconventional, Sneaky Ghosh:Hema:Thomas Stone:Genet:

by Mrs. Yakes


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