My Baby

by HusheDHavoC
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My Baby

My BabyIts something in this world that makes it less crazy,And makes my evil passions just a little crazy.Like its become all of me,Such a beautiful thing, beauty like the sea,And my baby girl, she’s as pretty as can be.I’ll be her shadow, and never leave her lonelyI’ll never let her be,Never let her cry,Imma lift her straight to the sky.She won’t have to wonder why, cause this,Pretty girl is mine, till the end of time.My girl, yeah she makes the sun shine,And my baby, she’s so fine,With a kiss sweeter than grape, straight from the vine.She blows my mind,How I find time for her in my mind,Cause until I saw her, I was blind.I couldn’t see,But now she’s with me.Now imma be the best I can be for my baby.


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