My Baby Blue Jay

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My Baby Blue Jay

My Baby Blue Jays

The Main Idea in this story is that a Blue Jay "couple" makes a nest on the balcony of John's office.They lay eggs and raise 3 healthy nestlings.

By: John Berendt

Main Idea


One of the last events in this story is when one baby jay goes out into the world. The most difficult challenge for the nestling is.....the stairs. The flightless bird must make it up the stairs without hurting himself. I will not tell you if he makes it up the stairs becaus that would spoil it for you. To find out, check the book out from the library nearest you.

The story mainly takes place on an office balcony in New York. The two parents lay their eggs on the balcony.

Blue Jay Relatives

Out into the world...

-Green Jay-Steller's Jay-Green Jay-Brown Jay

Cool Blue Jay

baby Blue Jay

The Amazing Steller's Jay strikes again!

One of the Blue Jays relatives, the Steller's Jay.

It's freezing out here. Why can't I have one of those nice enclosed nests?

Pretty awesome.

How do you feel about being on this glogster?

The Green Jay. One of the Blue Jays' reletives.


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