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My Autobi-glography

My parents lived in Heidelberg, West Germany, when I was born in April 1965. My dad was in the U. S. Army, in the military police.

Piddles was our first dog. She was a cockerpoo, and we got her when I was five years old. We used to wait at the window for dad to get home from work!

My sister Vickie is just nine months and three weeks younger than I am.

My family moved to Greenville when I was 11, and I started attending BJA as a 7th grader. This is my piano guild certificate from 8th grade, and the medal is for being the outstanding 8th grader in English class . . . I didn't even LIKE English class!

1983--college freshman

Fall 1977--8th grade

My first haircut--I was three years old, and it was a big deal!

I graduated from BJA in 1982, earned my bachelors degree in music education in 1986, and finished an M.Ed. in Teaching Music in 1988. My proficiency was piano; I presented my senior recital in War Memorial Chapel in the spring of my senior year at BJU.

I enjoy doing needlework; I smocked the yoke of this dress, and I especially loved making children's clothing when I was younger and had time for such pleasures!

My life verse is Micah 6:8.

Psalm 16:6 is my testimony: "The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places!"

I started teaching at BJA in the fall of 1989, and I consider myself the most fortunate person in the world, because God has called me to spend every day with the people I love the most--seventh graders!

Breathe on Me, Breath of God

Maggie, my baby girl

Ayre from Redwall Suite

Although I made a profession of faith at the age of 8, I spent many years doubting my salvation. In July 1981, while attending CIT at the Wilds, I asked the Lord to save me from my sin forever, and He did that!


  • BJAAnitaM 9 years ago

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    i really like it. love all the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bjaBrooklynS 8 years ago

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    Awesome! Love it!

  • bjaLisaA 8 years ago

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    you are so pretty in that family,brownish

  • bjaLisaA 8 years ago

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