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Miss Clara: “Professor Kinley, what do students want?” Professor Kinley: “Why does that concern you miss?” Miss Clara: “I don’t know. These students are never happy. On their request, I extended the essay submission deadline, but they are still asking for more favours.” Professor Kinley: “Well, that’s true. Sometimes, students have unrealistic expectations.” Miss Clara: “Maybe, you are right.” Professors can never figure out what exactly do students have in their minds. To get to the bottom of this problem, we have interviewed many students who gave us some insight into this matter. The main crux of this interview is provided below that help identify the six things students really want:  No Morning Lectures Students hate attending lectures that are boring and energy-draining, especially the ones in the morning. So, as they can’t escape the lecture hall physically, they transport themselves into their world of imagination. While the teacher continues with the lessons, the students spend time daydreaming, thinking about how tired they are or making plans for later. Since they have zero interest in these classes, students wish that they did not have to attend any lecture at all. A Support Structure Most of the students enrolled in UK universities are international students. Since they reside far away from their family and friends, they soon get homesick. They recall the memories associated with their hometown and miss it even more. They try to locate friends in their surroundings, or they use digital mediums to connect with their loved ones back home. In such devastating times, these students need nothing more than an emotional support structure. No Written Assessment Activities Students are intimidated by the writing process. However, they are obligated to keep up with the process because of academia’s evaluation criteria for them. If it were in the students’ control, they would have passed legislation against this academic assessment activity. Unfortunately, educational bodies are not on the same page as students. However, students can still get rid of their writing tensions by employing professional writers and requesting them to ‘Pay Someone To Write My Essay’. Some companies are home to experienced professionals who have the knack to curate qualitative documents on a wide array of topics. Thus, students can employ these services and relieve themselves from the academic writing pressure for good. Access to Quality Time During university years, students have little to no time for themselves. They utilise every second on the clock to complete all the responsibilities on their part, which eventually gets exhausting for them. Considering this hardship, students desire to get at least an hour for themselves during the day. Intriguingly, students can retrieve some time for themselves if they adopt smart working practises. For instance, they can delegate tasks to private service providers and free some hours for themselves. No Financial Troubles Nowadays, students have to manage their academics with a part-time job. Since it gets hard for the students to manage these two spheres simultaneously, students desire stable financial conditions so that they do not have to work. Considering the living expenses, it seems impossible for the students to quit working anytime soon. However, students can take up jobs that offer flexible hours so that they can adjust their working hours as per their convenience. No Examinations It is stressful to study for examinations, and it is even harder to score the anticipated grades. Since students do not like going down this road over and over again, they will appreciate if examinations are eliminated from the educational equation for good. Thus, these are some of the requirements students have on their list. Although many of them may seem absurd or distant from reality, wishing for them is totally justified.

6 Things All Students Desire



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