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my application

Why you should choose me to be in Computer Club ( Nerds )

I am dedicated to my work and will not allow myself to make any thing less than a passing grade. If I make a bad grade I correct it, but if I am unable to correct the failing assinment, I always try to find a way to get extra credit to bring up my average.

I love to get creative with my work in every manner possible and allowable. I don't like to do projects that require me being uncreative.

I come to class in the mornings every chance I get. I am very devoted to my work in that way.

I take any chance I get to do extra credit and get creative with it, too!!!

I hope you choose me!

I may get off track at times, but only if I am bored.

Why you should NOT choose me.

I may not be able to to attend all of the meetings due to family issues, such as my mom's surgerey's.

I am extremly devoted to the work that I do and will not except any failing grade for I will always find some way to bring it up.

I know that you are only choosing 15 6th graders that have completed Computer LIt. and many people will put in applications that have got to be 12 times better than mine, but I am at least going to try for a position. Thanks for veiwing my application!!!!!


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