My American Dream

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My American Dream

Ideally, I would live comfortably, in a nice home, supported by a suitable income, without financial or social worries. Ideally, I would live the classic American dream, making my own place and earning everything I need, "working", doing what I love, and somehow making money from it.

My American DreamBy Nick Tomasetti

I would pass my time by working, doing whatever interests me, playing music and listening to it, reading classical literature, and spending time with my friends and family. It is a classic, wholesome American dream.

My goal is to be successful, which is possible with an education. I would go to school first, and then I would be able to pursue a career in a field of my choice. I ccould potentially become remarkable, but only if I work for it.

My dream consists of a prosperous future

My dream consists of comfort and contentment

The American Dream does not exist anymore as it had in the 20th century. However, it exists in my mind as the opportunity to apply myself as best as I can, by working as hard as I need to. The Grand Illusion of the American Dream is that you can gain fame and fortune without working for it: the true dream is to work for every cent you earn and to feel accomplished, as well as proud as an individual.

I would like to have 3 children, preferably a son, then a son, then a daughter.

My car would ideally be snazzy and awesome, like this one.

I could be an astronaut. I could be a musician. I could be a teacher.


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