My American Dream: Stephanie Epstein

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My American Dream: Stephanie Epstein

My American Dream

-Documents health status and plans; including progress, discharge notes and prescriptions-May refer patients to specialists when needed for further diagnosis/ treatment-Often are the first types of doctors that patients visit -Respond to emergencies; are on call for urgent care

-University of Washington-Cornell University-John Hopkins University-Columbia University-Boston University-UMass Amherst-Tufts University

General PractitionerAverage Salary: $156,000

Live In: New England

Family:Husband with 2 to 4 Kids



Suburban Area

Shoot for the Stars, even if you fall short you will Land on the Moon

Black Jeep Grand Cheeroke

Travel to:Europe

-Learn Latin-Sky Dive-Learn how to Surf-Hot air balloon ride-See the Northern Lights-Swim with Dolphins-Buy a Boat-Learn how to Sail-Save someones life who was/is in critical condition-Build a really cool tree house-Learn how to play the guitar and piano-Learn how to ballroom dance-Parasail-Visit Anne Franks House-Bungee jump off a cliff-Zipline down the worlds longest zipline-try 10 different exotic foods-Drive a zamboni atleast once-Stay a night in an underwater hotel

Bucket List


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