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My Activity-Help out with the housework

In this activity, I helped my parents vacumn the floor of the house. This is not the first time I am doing it, I have been doing it from time to time. In my point of view, i should help out my parents as much as possiblle because firstly, they are busy and secondly, they are old and they need help. I felt that sometimes, in life, we should be responsible(in the sense where we try to reduce the burden of others). By doing so, life becomes easier for everyone. Example, even outside of school, I would always return my trays after meals because I realised that my individual attempt to return the trays can reduce the burden of the cleaners because they do not need to walk the extra steps to bring the trays to the cleaning point. In life, we should do what we can to help others. Even simple things like returning your own trays can help out the cleaners. This will make us a better citizen and of course, lead to a better society. Doing the housework is an example. If you can do it, you should do it because this will make your parents have more time to do other things.

I chose this empty box because it is flexible and allows me to conduct any activity of my own. I decided to make this activity one where I help out with the housework because this is what I commonly do. I also realise that this can be related to citizenry because helping someone can reduce their burden. As a citizen, we should try to reduce the burden of others so that life becomes easier for them.Through this activity, I have learnt some examples of helping others by reducing their burden. One example is to avoid littering. Some rather "uncivilised people" would probably say that if we do not litter, the cleaners would lose their job. However, that is not the case. The cleaners are more busy than we expected. They have to clean up the city when we citizens are producing more and more rubbish. We cannot possibly stop producing waste but what we can do is that we can avoid littering so that the cleaners would not be so busy. Sometimes, it would be better if we could pick up litter and throw it into the rubbish bin.A good citizen should not act smart by "giving someone a job", but rather, try to reduce the burden of others so as to improve the standard of living for everyone(if you do not litter, you are contributing to the cleanliness of Singapore)



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