My 21st Century Classroom

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My 21st Century Classroom

There has been a lot of discussion about what "belongs" in a 21st century classroom. Here is my idea of what's in my 21st century classroom and how I approach learning!

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What's in my 21st Century Classroom?

Teacher Reflection is important check out my professional reflection blog!

Student Reflection is essentialCheck out my student's reflection blog!

Embracing Technology

Using Multiple Modalities to teach (UDL)



Students have to see teachers having fun and investing in the environment otherwise they won't! Here are some collegues and I dressing up for Superhero Day! L-R Ninja Turtle-Lady Thor-Regae Man-Spiderwoman (me)

I have many types of learners in my class, quite a few that struggle with reading; my students mentioned that they love hearing stories, so I recorded sections of a book we were reading so that they could follow along at home and grasp the material!


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