MV Sewol Sinking

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MV Sewol Sinking

MV Sewol Sinking

About The EventThe event was a Ferry, MV Sewol, sinking on the 14th of April 2014, around the border of South Korea and Jeju ( Coordinates = 34°13′5″N 125°57′0″E 34°13′5″N 125°57′0″E ). Of the 476 people on board 304 of them died, including 250 students.


IntoductionThe significant event I chose was the sinking of the MV Sewol on 16th of April. I chose this topic because I have had experiences on Ferries before and I found it intreresting and fun. This event was significant because when the MV Sewol capsized with over 300 people.

Effects of...LocallySince the sinking of the MV Sewol, the effects locally have been families grieving at their relatives being lost, or the loss of important people. Grieving of people could cause them not to do their job as well, which could be fatal if they had an important job.RegionallyThe effect on the Region could be businesses going down, because of people grieving, and not doing their jobs as well. Shipping businesses would stop doing well because it wouldn’t people would be worried if it was safe or not. Families from other countries would have to fly over or contact relatives often to comfort them.GloballyPeople from other regions might have to come around and help or give money to retrieve the boat and try and help those who survived but were ill.

I could not find any Asian countries except for the country it happened in, with the rescue boat and the media team. Other countries might not have helped because they might not have the right resources or have enough money. Of course there is the option that they are just selfish and don’t want to help. The Asian country might have a rivalry with the suffering country and not want to help. But maybe they just haven’t heard of this significant event because I hadn’t heard about it until I started researching.Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of Australia that helped out either. This could be because the MV Sewol sinking wasn’t a widely publicised event in Australia. Events being widely publicised means that they are all over the radio, television and news. This way people will find out about important things are going on around the world. If events aren’t widely publicised, it’s most likely that people won’t hear about it.



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