[2015] sarah abdelsalam: Mute Swans

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[2015] sarah abdelsalam: Mute Swans

Mute Swans

Mute Swans can be found by lakes, rivers, ponds, open country, and even in towns. They are extremely territorial. You can also find Mute Swans in most of the world which includes Europe, Asia, North Amarica, and Australasia. Some Mute Swans migrate towards warmth.


A Mute Swan's diet is pretty simple. Some Mute Swans eat on Submerged Aquatic Vegetation. Others eat insects, algea, fish, crab, and of course plants. When they do eat plants they eat leaves, shoots, roots, and grass.


A Mute Swan has a very long neck. Like all Swans they use it to eat and drink. A mute Swan arches it's wings when on the water. This looks graceful but it's an act of self defense. They arch their wings so predetors won't attack them from behind.


Mute Swans are the most beutiful Swans by far, but biologists think it's necessary to kill them. They fly as high as a jet. Being the biggest Swan, they need a runup on water before flight. Suprisingly, they weigh as much as an infant child.

Intresting Facts

A Mute Swan doesn't have a long list of predetors, or threats. One predator is a fox. If a fox apraoches a Swan it would be called a challenger. Some threats are fishing equipment, and power lines are an even bigger threat.

Predetors And Threats

A Mute Swan is the biggest Swan. They fly up to 50-60 miles per hour. They are hardly vocal in flight, that's part of the reason they are calld a Mute Swan. When they do have sound, they let out a series of hisses and loud honks.

Physical Characteristics

A Mute Swan has to lay eggs and mate soon. If they don't, their species would have a masive decrease. Mute swans are already endangered as it is.

Job In Habitat


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