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Born on July 29th 1883 in Predappio,Forli kingdom of Italy Died on April 28 1945 at age 61 Nationality- ItalianResting place- San Cassiano cemeteryProfession-Dictator, politician, journalist,teacher and novelistKids-Romano Mussolini, Edda Mussolini, Bruno Mussolini, Vittorio Mussolini, Benito Albino Mussolini, Anna Maria Mussolini


1904 -deported home1919- Mussolini forms Fascist movement in Milan Italy.1922-Mussolini forms a cabinet in Italy1935 - invades Euthopeans1940-Mussolini joins Hitler in Germany's war and Italy declares war against France & Britain

Mussolini took years to achieve what could be defined as a dictatorship. He achieved some semblance of power after the March on Rome in 1922 when he was appointed Prime Minister of Italy. But his government contained a mixture of men with different political beliefs - similar to Hitler’s position in January 1933. But his time in power almost collapsed after the murder of Matteotti when great anger gripped Italy. If he had been a true dictator in 1922, then such an uproar would never have happened as his enemies and the Italian people in general would have been cowed into submission.Mussolini started his time in power by buying support from both the working class and the industrial bosses.

Rise To Power

Mussolini's rise to power began in World War One with the involvement of Italy on behalf of the Allies. There was great dissent over whether or not such involvement was necessary or beneficial, and the Socialist Party opposed the addition of Italian Arms to the forces of the Allies.

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