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Social Studies

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Mussolini's birthplace, now a museum.

Mussolini was rebellious and was soon expelled after a series of behaviour related incidents, including throwing stones at the congregation after Mass, stabbing a fellow student in the hand and throwing an inkpot at a teacher.

Born: July 29, 1883Died: April 28, 1945He and his mistress, Clara Petacci were killed by a firing squad. And hung on meathooks in the middle of the town where citizens threw stones at them.

Benito Mussolini

Black Shirts- Fascist paramilitary groups in ItalyMarch on Rome-March from Oct. 27-29, 1922 where Mussolini's National Fascist Party came to power in ItalyTotalitarian state-Political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authorityFasism-Radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology2 Duce-LeaderIdeology-Ideas or beliefs

-He was an Italian politican who led the National Fascist Party and a key figure in the creation of Fascism-40th Prime Minister of Italy

-Moved to Switzerland to avoid military service-Arrested and spent two weeks in jail for falsifying papers-Joined the military a little after that to aviod jail

Considered one of italy's most prominent Socialist



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