Mussolini Benito

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World War II

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Mussolini Benito

In 1919, he organised the Fascist Party and with his followers of Black Shirts, or party militants, he used violence to intimidate elected officials. The Italian people supported these actions as they too lost hope in their Government.In 1922, in the March on Rome, tens of thousands Fascists crowded to the Capital to demand change. Fearing civil war, Victor Emmanuel III gave him constitutional appointment to lead Italy.

Born in Italy, Mussolini was the son of a teacher and a socialist blacksmith. He was also raised to be a socialist but later rejected it for nationalism.

Mussolini's intentions were to replace corruption and turmoil with order along with reviving Roman greatness and to turn the Mediterranean into a "Roman Lake" again.

Fascist Party

-He created the first totalitarian state, which is where a dictator shit regulates all aspects of their citizens lives. This was also followed by Hilter and Stalin.-Was appointed leader of Italy by King Victor Emmanuel III, along with giving himself the title of II Duce or "The Leader" by King Victor Emmanuel III.-Glorified fascism as the form of Government in Italy. Which is where authoritarian government that is not communist whose policies priority is to the state over the individual and are destructive to basic human rights

Benito Mussolini

In Fascism Ideology, it puts restrictions on individual freedom, but promises a strong stable government and an end to political feuds within the nation. Mussolini's intense nationalism also sparked a revival in all national pride.



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