Muslim Scholarship

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Muslim Scholarship

Islamic beliefs sprung interest in Astronomy. Muslims used armillary spheres and astrolabes, originally invented by Greeks. Many discoveries and knowlegde on astronomy was used in relation to religious practices.

-The attitude of Muslim reflected the deep-seated curiosity about the truth.-Muhammad himself believed strong in the power of learning.-After th fall of Rome, Europe entered a period of upheaval and chaos, the scientific knowledge gained up that time might have been lost. However, Muslim preservatated much of these knowledge.-Significant advancements of science imfluences the 'Western medicine' that emerged in the European Renaissance.

Preservation of Knowledge

Muslims were the first to prove by experiment, calculation and oberservation that the Earth is round.

- 'Abbaas Ibn Firnaas was the first person to to invent the planetarium. - The production of paper made it easier for knowledge to be exchanged , and academics to thrive. - The House of Widsom's main goal was collecting and translating Greek work. - Arab scholars preserved Greek medicine and developed it even more.

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By: Hannah Stevens, Anna Wei, Priscila Cruz, & Mariella Brillantes

• Fall of Rome in 476 AD• Umayyads & Abbasids encouragement about translating scientific & philosophical texts• Caliph al-Ma'mun• Library, academy, & translation center• researchers, editors, linguists, technical advisers• Developed standards & techniques• Used Greek ideas in new ways• Muslim literature, art & architecture, medical advances, math & science improved & developed

House of Wisdom


Muslim Scholarship



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