Muslim Scholarship

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Muslim Scholarship

House of Wisdom:The Caliph al-Ma’mum opened a library, academy, and translation center in Baghdad called the House of Wisdom. In this center, scholars of all different cultures and religions would work together to translate texts from Greece, India, Persia, and many other countries into the Arabic language.

Astronomy and Science: Interest in astronomy sprouted from the Five Pillars, and from the need of a Lunar calendar. Astronomy was used to determine times praying and fasting in the daily life of Muslims.

Muslims used telescopes and observatories

Courtyard in the Islamic House of Wisdom


Preservation of Knowledge:There were multiple reasons for the advancement of knowledge, such as: Rulers needed qualified physicians to treat the sick, mathematicians and astronomers were needed to calculate time of prayer and direction of Mecca, and simply to discover the truth about the world. Muhammad encouraged the power of learning. Muslim scholars preserved and spread knowledge of Islam and the natural world. They translated scientific and philosophic texts from other countries into Arabic. More about this can be found in the right textbox.

Muslim scholars, also known as the ulama.

Muslimarmillary sphere.

Muslim drawing of the phases of the moon.


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