Muslim Crusades

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Muslim Crusades

Muslim CrusadesBY: Josh K

1096-1099First CrusadeThe first crusade was started when Pope Urban called out people to fight. Soon an army of 30,000 people captured Jerusalem.

1147-1149Second CrusadeWhen trying to recapture Edessa, the French army of 50,000 tried to capture the city because of the muslim retaliation.

1189-1192Third CrusadeKing Richard I wasn't happy with the loss so he went with his army to fight but ended in a treaty.

1202-1204Fourth CrusadePope Innocent III started to preach to the people to fight. Soon the people who decided to fight looted Constantinople.

Jews had the most negative effect from the crusades

1217-1221FIfth CrusadeAs Pope Innocent kept on preaching. His army went to Egypt and were offered holy cities for withdrawel, they refused and their crusade failed.

Effects on ChristiansChristians had a neutral effect from the crusades. They gained new cultural foods and supply to barter. The crusades ended feudalism, when nobles and lords went to fight they left their manors giving monarchs more power. They met with Asian trade routes where trade made merchants rich.

Effects on MuslimsThe Muslims didn't gain as much as the Christians. To most Muslims it was a ordeal because of the massacre and bloodshed. The Muslims also gained weapon advances. The Muslims started great empires that spread all around Asia.

1228-1229Sixth CrusadeHoly Roman Emperor Fredrick led the muslims to Eygypt. There they negotiated with the sultan who agreed to give land.

1248-1254Seventh CrusadeThe French king , king Louis, decided to take Egypt. He succeeded to capture Damietta but failed to capture the other cities. He was later captured and paid for ransom. He went back due to the death of his mother.

1270Eighth CrusadeEmperor Louis decided to try again in a second crusade. His army got infected by a disease and shortly he perished. Soon his brother arrived he died and the army returned.

1271-1272Last CrusadePrince Edward decided to go on an crusade and soon returned after hearing his father's death. This was the end of crusades to the Holy Land.

Children CrusadeIn the early 1200's after Pope Innocent preached to the people, peasants formed an army of 10,000 children to make a crusade to the Holy Land. Many of them got sick or were sold into slavery. Very little survived and went back home.


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