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Musician Culture

Songs stuck in your head and not knowing lyricsCrap, I have strep throat... again.4 concerts in two days and just as much homework as you. Accidentally writing songs at 3am.Constantly wishing you were playing your instrument.People yelling at you for tapping your fingers.Calluses from guitar strings and drum sticksListening to music + Studying = Just listening to music.

Musician Culture

A bottle of water- hydrated mucus is happy mucus :)Earbuds and an iPod - alwaysSpare guitar stringsComposition paper - cuz you never know when that perfect beat is gonna drop76 pairs of drum sticks (should last a few months)Something to drum on - the world is our drumA never-ending supply of cough drops

Melody and Harmony- there is a difference!Fermata: not a way to cook eggs or a type of cheeseFeedback: the sound of cats dyingGroupie: an overzealous fanPiano- more than just an instrumentCanon- or as the singers call it, a roundVibrato: pure gloryCut Time- it just sucks.

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