Musical Tastes and Timeline,(Assignment),Music

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Musical Tastes and Timeline,(Assignment),Music

Think about music in your life. What kind of musical experiences have you had in your past? What about in the present? What kinds of musical experiences do you want to have in the future?In your musical memories, are songs that have meaning to you. Give some examples of your personal connections with music that has played an important role in you as a person.


Create Glog About:"Your Musical Tastes and Musical Timeline"



1) Create a glog that shows your musical timeline. Include experiences from your past, present and hopes for the future.2) Your glog should include pictures and words.3) It must be school appropriate.4) It should have examples of music (hyperlinks to music, or lyrics) of songs that have played a role in your development as a person.....................................

Piano Lessons

Singing at the Hollywood Bowl

My students

My future ...



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