Musical Island Sample

by MrHodgson
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Musical Island Sample

Musical Island

The entire island “hums” a cheerful melody when everyone and everything is at peace. The music goes silent when there is an argument or a fight. Resolving the dispute brings the music back, and that music makes everyone happy.

Last year, my friends and I were walking home from school when the neighborhood bully came upon us. He threatened to beat us up unless I gave him my saxophone. My friends and I ran for it, darting in among a local forest. The bully was right behind us. We saw a cave and decided to hide in there. However, the cave was really a magical portal to Musical Island. The place was truly amazing. The bully came through the portal, too, and we realized that the magical elements of Musical Island might help him change his ways. He realized that he had to stop picking on other kids, including us, and right his wrongs. He did this by building a guitar for each of us out of magical wood from the nearby forest. We ended up forgiving him. He actually loves music as much as we do, and now, we are forming our own band on Musical Island.

Relax in a Sensory Room, where musical sounds create a colorful light display on the walls, ceiling and air.

Musical Island has the largest drum set in the entire world. Pick up some sticks and start the beat. You can even go as loud as you want, since no one will ever ask you to turn it down.

Each building is entirely constructed out of musical notes. Touch a section of the wall and a song plays, all according to your personality. This “mood music” is a good way to get to know how a person is feeling.

Experience the healing powers of music!

More notes than you can count!



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