Musical Instruments

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Musical Instruments

The instrument works like a pan flute, only that the carrots are arranged in a circular manner.When a person blows across the carrot flutes' openings, the columns of air inside each tube vibrates, hence producing sound. After the sound wave has reached the end of the drilled hole, it undergoes a fixed end reflection as the flute has a stopped end. Hence, the sound is then reflected and travels to our eardrums.The variation of pitch of the different carrot flutes is based on the fact that the length of the vibrating air column is inversely proportionate to the pitch of the carrot flute. Hence, when the hole is drilled even deeper, the amount of time needed for the sound wave to complete one cycle is greater, and hence the frequency of oscillations per unit time is lower.The frequency of oscillations corresponds to the pitch of the sound. Higher frequency of oscillations means that the pitch is higher. Hence, the shallower the hole that is drilled into the carrot, the higher the pitch of the sound produced.

Musical Instrument

Ever used carrots to produce music?


Sound is produced due to the vibrational movement of objects.

Sound consists of longtitudinal waves that travel through a medium



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