[2013] Alyssa Grandsard (Tanguay): Musical

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[2013] Alyssa Grandsard (Tanguay): Musical

The Musical

How it Began*Greeks used songs in plays*Romans made comedies involving songs and dances*Performed in wooden structures*Broadway musicals-began from operettas*Early musicals- performed at mass

Information*Musicals are plays that include music and dance to help set the mood*Through songs love, hatred, comedy, and sadness are seen*Common musicals: Wicked, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, etc.*1930s- musicals became popular*Broadway- was big with musicals*Musicals on Broadway started in 1866*First musical played in Broadway- The Black Crook*People express feelings by emotions and singing*Became popular and musicals were made into film*To support someone a dance crew may sing and dance to encourage them*Musicals and opera are similar, they both invlove music that set the mood

Alyssa Grandsard


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