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Arts & Music

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All early sounds, including music and rhythms have an effect on shaping our brains. Music helps convey messages and communicates feelings. It helps build creativity and gives us an appreciation for music. It can be relaxing and relieve tension and stress as well.It also helps us grow cognitively and physically and teaches us language concepts and vocabulary. By creating music we develop motor skills, social skills, aesthetic development and create cultural awareness.

Music is organized sound. It has six main elements that include rhythm, tempo, melody, tone, dynamics and harmony. These elements are what create the organization of the sounds being produced.

When teaching and incorporating musical instruments into the classroom, it's important to allow the students to explore individually so they can determine what sounds good and bad. A good starter would be to use rhythm sticks. This helps the students find and determine the beat, rhythm and tempo. Afterward, slowly begin introducing new instruments such as a small drum, tambourine, and maracas. This needs to be fun and encouraging, yet still trying to maintain structure. Try to not be critical and be sure to create a fun, exciting, and comfortable environment.


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