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"RUN" is their most resent titile track released on 2015.11.30 (November 30, 2015) with the rest on their ablum called "The Most Beautiful Moment In Live pt.2" I honestly liked their first full leanth album called "Dark and Wild" but this album surpassed it the day i first heard the full album! My favortie song from this album is either뱁새 (Try Hard) or OUTRO: House Of Cards. They make song to speak for the youth. They famdom name is A.R.M.Y. (army) and it stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.

The group consist of Rap monster (Kim Namjoon, age 21, also the leader of the group, oviously by his name you know he is a rapper), Jin ( Kim Seokjin, age 23, also the oldest member in bangtan also a singer), Suga (Min Yoongi, age 22, He is a rapper), J-Hope ( Jung Hoseok, age 21, also a rapper and dancer), Jimin (Park Jimin, age 20, he is a singer and dancer), V (Kim Taehyung, age 20, singer), Jungkook (Jeon Jeongguk, age 18, singer, dancer and rapper, also the youngest in bangtan in korea the youngest members is a group are called the maknae. They call him the golden maknae because he can rap, sing, dance, draw,not bad in the looks department, ect.


This group here is called BTS or in korean (hangul) bangtansonyeonda. You can also call them bangtan boys or bulletproof boy scouts. They are becoming very popular as of resent and i love it because they are amazing in every way possible. Not every one thinks that because everyone has different music taste so no harm done if you end up not falling in love with them.

Their fandom are called A.R.M.Y.

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