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Music Video Analysis

Past student work

PositivesIn this music video they have edited very well by cutting to the beat of the music and also using techniques such as split screen. Throughout the video they used smoke to blur the vision and used many other effects to make the video look older and natural. In the video we see that the camera is mainly focused on both the artists and the instruments, this is beacaiuse it is a performance video and the record label would try and promote the artist. However the main singer is highlighted the most. In the video black and white is used, but they also use black and white probs and all of which are music based.Along with all of this the lip syncing is very good and matches with the lyrics well.

My OpinionThey used the music Arabella by the Arctic Monkeys which is very old and popular song. I really love this music video as it is very professional and would not even know its a2 work. It is very clear and they use a lot f techniques throughout. This video is a performance video. As seen in the clip, sound, cinematograpghy and editing are all taken into consideration. All of which are done to a very high standard.

NegativesIn the video I could'nt see any negatives, exept from maybe at times the performance of the artist was abit out of place. Expressions were changing alot.


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