Music Project 1 ( Brass Family )

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Music Project 1 ( Brass Family )

Brass Family

Instrument:BugleIt is on of the simplest brass instrument,it does not have valves or other picth-altering devices.Pitches of Bugles>Soprano Bugle>Alto Bugle>Baritone Bugle>Contrabass Bugle

Instrument: Cornet and TrumpetThey are the smallest and most popular instrument in the brass family.Both the cornet and trumpet have three valves and sound is produced in a similar way. The cornet and trumpet has same range of notes.Both instrument are relatively light and easily portable in their cases.

Instrument: TromboneThis is the only member of the brass family that usually has a slide mechanism rather than valves.

Instrument: TubaThe tuba's sound is soft,warm and smooth. It is similar in appearance to the euphonium,but bigger and of different origins

Instrument: Natural HornThe natural horn is a musicial instrument that is the ancestor of the mordern-day horn and is differentiated by is lack of valves

Instrument: SousaphoneThe instrument is related to the tuba and helicon.It fits the body of the musician and is supported by the left shoulder

Instrument: SerpentThe serpent is the bass wind instrument, descended from the cornett, and a distant ancestor of the tuba.

Instrument: Helicon

Instrument: OphicleideThe ophicleide is a keyed brass musical instrument similar to the tuba.

Instrument: SudrophoneThe sudrophone is a brass instrument invented by Francois Sudre. Its shape resembles that of an ophicleide.

Instrument: EuphoniumThe euphonium is a conical-bore, baritone-voiced brass instrument.

Instrument: French HornIt is a brass instrument made of more than 20 feet tubing wrapped into a coil with a flared bell.

Instrument: Flugelhornis a brass instrument that resembles a trumpet but has a wider, conical bore

Instrument: Tenor Horn / Alto HornThe alto horn is a brass instrument pitched in Eb.

Instrument: SaxotrombaThe saxotromba is a valved brasswind instrument. It was designed for the mounted bands of the French military, probably as a substitute for the French horn. The saxotrombas comprised a family of half-tube instruments of different pitches.

Instrument: SaxtubaThe saxtuba is an obsolete valved brasswind instrument

Instrument: Wagner TubaThe Wagner tuba is an infrequently-used brass instrument that combines tonal elements of both the French horn and the trombone

Viedo of brass family


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