Music of the 1920's

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Music of the 1920's

The Harlem RennaissianceThe Blues and Gospel Music of the South helped to create the smooth jazz sensation.

Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington brought black and whites into the Cotton Club to dance and enjoy life in Harlem.

Jazz MusicThis new, upbeat, music helped people enjoy life

Jazz Music would lead the way for new trends in the futrue of music.

Popular Culture During the cahnge on music and pop culture, the scene experianced a youthful change.

The Cotton ClubThe Cotton club was a club in Harlem. The club was an all-white club until whites realizde that African Americans had unspoken talent. It brought everyone together in one club.

In Harlem, the right mix of people opened doors in many areas of pop culture and brought about social cahnge, as well.

Music of the 1920's

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