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Music Lesson

In this 45 minutes lesson, students get five minutes to warm up by listening to a do-re-mi song and humming along. After the students participate in the Smart Notebook Activity below, teaching them the notes of the Treble Clef. The lesson also includes two tricks on how t remember the lines and spaces!Following, is a graphic organizer made with Inspiration to help students respond to the Major Scale Video!

Elementary Music LessonStephanie Boscovitch

Modifications I included were voice overs on the Smart Notebook Activity, along with interactive teaching through the tappng of the board by each student. I also made sure to use different colors, songs, and a multiple choice assessment to help a variety of learners. Even a student who may not be able to see the presentation, would be able to hear and correspond the different notes and names being heard. The lesson also can be taken quickly or slowly, and can be used as a teaching tool, or heightened as a review for students who may already know this material. A teacher could have students come up and write the name of the note, then check it by tapping the note and hearing the teachers voice say the answer. I love this lesson because it has the ability to progress with the students! The lesson could be used with a variety of learning levels, and features both sounds, images, and touch to reach a variety of abilities.

The two graphic organizers are modified. The first, located above, features a word bank and instructions to complete the graphic organizer and that not every word from the bank will be used. Students are given places to write, type, or speak their responses to answer the questions on the graphic organizer. On version 2 of the graphic, all bubbles are filled in and students are instructed to circle their answers. This is a modified version for students who may need more help understanding the lesson, or who have lower reading or writing abilities.

Warm Up Song

Major Scale NotesSmart Notebook & Inspiration Graphic Organizer45 minute music lesson

Lesson Plan...

Materials:Smart BoardGraphic Organizer SheetsPencilsComputer (for those who wish to type instead)Text-to-speech (read & write or through talking interface on Inspiration


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