music is an influence

by mirba
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music is an influence

Music influences

Good and bad

What type of music do you consider “bad music?” Everyone listens to music. But not everyone listens to the same type of music. Most people might consider all hip hop or all pop or all r&b music “bad music.” that just goes to show that not everyone has the same onppion on music. I think it depends on the message that the artist is trying to get to the reader. Take michael jackson for example, people might judge his music because his past but when you really listen to the lyrics all his songs have a powerful meaning. Like the man in the mirror, “I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer.” this song is very positive and uplifting. I would consider this a good song wouldn't you? But then there's what you might call bad music. Like my favorite artist nicki minaj. She a rapper and her words are kind of harsh. The language and the messgae of her lyrics are not something that young people should follow, well I can admitte even though shes my favorite rapper/singer her lyrics arent really sumtin enybody should follow. She talks about fighting drugs sex not only with boys but also with gurls! She very inspireing but she inspires the wrong things. She has inspired me to become a female rapper but my lyrics will be inspiring in a positive way. The next time you listen to a song woth lyrics, think of the message it give and try to determine if you would consider that song good or bad. Sometimes a song can have a good message but it can be sent in an inapropriate wayoster yourself





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