Music in Death Camps

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Music in Death Camps

They played when prisoners would go to the gas chambers, when people came to the camp and when they had concerts for soldiers.

The musicians would get many things for what they did. They would get cigars, extra food, better dorms, less working time and clothes for performing

Have you ever thought you couldn't live without music? To some people it was all that kept then alive

Music in Death Camps

Some prisioners would fake being able to play music so they wouldnt be killed off and would get all the things musicians would.

Music in Death Camps was a huge part of what went on. Prisoners who played music would be put into an Orchestra.

Many people's lives were saved because of music. Many survivers would say it was the only thing that kept them alive during this time.

The oldest musician of the camps died about a month ago at age 110 years old. . Alice Herz-Sommer was a pianist for the orchestra

Movies were made to show everone how important music is in people's lives. One of the more famous ones in the 'Pianist'

Credits:,Music-in-the-darkness-death-camp-orchestrasFénelon, F., 1979. The Musicians of Auschwitz, London: Sphere


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