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Music History

Classiacal periodduring the Classiacal period composers wanted a new fresh music.These composers want something new music.The Symphonies and Sonatos were popular at the time.There was a Viennese style.From 1750-1820

Music history

Middle AgesThe Middle Ages also known as "Medieval period"and "the Dark ages was a time of not a lot of art or music.That was on till Guillaume de Machaut invented a new music called "Organum".There is also a type of music called Gregorian Chant.From 5th -15th centry

Gregorian Chant



Baroque Age The Baroque age was named after the ornate style of the time.Composers started to rebel against the styles of the rennaissance.The dance music and intrumental music was still popular opera, vocal,and choral music started.From 1600 to 1750

The Twentieth CentryMost composer were working on ways to new types if music.Now ther were unusual types of music.Most of the music was all new.Now impressionism began.Some composer still wanted to stay traditional though.From 1900-2000

Romantic EraDuring the Romantic Era new ways of kife were beggining,and so were new ways of music.Most music in this era was personal and had feelings and emotion.There were also many operaFrom-1820-1900

The RennissanceThe Rennissance which means "rebirth" was a popular time for dancing music.There was a cultural awakening. Dance music was the most popular music.Some of the composers of the time are Giovanni da Palestrina and Josequin des Prez.From 1420-1600

Giovinni da Palestrina


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