Music During the Italian Renaissance

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Music During the Italian Renaissance

Introduction and General Information:During the Renaissance people found entertainment in many different ways. One of them being music. During the Italian Renaissance music was a key part in Civic, Religious, and courtly life. The most important music was preformed by church, motels, and court chapels. Music was considered an entertainment during the Italian Renaissance. Instruments were also seen as less importamt than singing music. In this presentation you will learn how music shaped the Italian Renaissance.

Instruments: One of the most popular instruments was the violin, which was first made in Italy during the 1500s Other popular instruments were the early trumpet and cornett Cornett is a horn from the 16th and 17th centuries Popular string instrument were the lyre(Like a harp) and hurdy gurdy(similar to a violin, melodies are played on a small key board then a crank-turned wheel rubs against the strings to make a sound) Popular woodwind instruments were the bagpipes and recorder

Composers: When the printing press was created it made it possible for composers music to spread around the world. This created a larger audience for their music. The next few people were popular composers during the Italian Renaissance. William Bryd was born 1543 in Lincoln,England and died July 4, 1623 in Stondon Massey, England. He was an English organist and composer. He was best know for madrigal(vocal chamber music). Josquin Des Prez, also known as Josquin, birth date is unknown, but until recently it was discovered he died August 27,1521. He was a composer of Western Music. He composed both sacred and secular music. Thomas Tallis was born January 30,1505 and died November 23,1585. English composer; most of his work was english choral music. Honoured for his original voice. Considered one of England’s greatest composers. Claudio Monteverdi, wrote the first dramatic opera in 1607

Voice: - Polyphony, was a popular form of music during the Renaissance- Polyphony was when several different melodies sang together- Became popular in many choirs - Madrigal was another popular form of music- 3 to 6 people would sing at a time with different voices - Sang with a romantic poems or sang with emotion

Music in the Renaissance

Conclusion: In conclusion music has been part of many different cultures, time periods, etc. Music is known as an entertainment and art. It shapes people emotions without using words and like most things in history it has evolved over time. The ideas composors and other music lovers presented during the Italian Renaissance helped future generations discover other possibilites for music.

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