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Music Band - Got7


Fun facts:



#1: Jb checks fanrtaken pics, he saved the good ones but he prefers seeing his funny pics or fanarts.#2: When Mark was young he dreamt of becoming a Primary School Teacher.#3: before Got7 debuted, JYP Company actually send junior to New York for training.#4: Jackson is a former representative of the country's national fencing team. Jackson like peeling his crack lips when his nervous.#5:Bambam bought a new house for his motheer in thailand at the age of 18.#6: Youngjae likes any food execpt for cucumbers.#7: Before they debuted Yugyeom would pray every night that Got7 would debut. Not only that, he also prayed that all the members would be part and no one would be cut.#8: Got7 is a multi-national k-pop boy group, Members are from South korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, & The United States.

Origigin:Seoul, South Korea

Genre: K-POP

Years Active: 2014


2014- Identify2014 - Got love2014 - Got Love Special Edition2014 - Got it?2015 - Mad2015 - Just Right

The reason why I like Got7 is because of the lyrics & the singing. Even though I didn't understand everything at first, but after listening to the song for a long time, I become accustomed to the words. I love the meaningful lyrics even when they're childish or repetitive.


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