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[2015] CJ P: Music


Swing Music

-Bebop was not really commercail famous and -it wasnt really a dance to type of music and -was veary "improvised"

Max Roach

Bebop Music

Cool Jazz Music

-Bebop is a small group-The instrumenrts are trumpets saxaphones piano bass and drums

Count Bassie

Swing music was in very appealing to to people Swing was in the following-International Sweethearts of Rhythm-Ken Burns'-JazzEpisode 6: Swing, The Velocity of CelebrationIt made a lot of money too. The death of swing music was durring world war 2The start of it was in 1920 but didnt become big until 1935

-Swing music had lots of instruments -the two altos tenors, a barotone sax aphone-swing music was a swinging of the eight note-Usally a solo-

Joe Levano

-Relaxed tempos-Expanded ensambles-New instrumentle colors -Cool players were oftened conversity-"Chamber ensambles"

Cool Jazz was Cool jazz, a style of jazz that emerged in the United States during the late 1940s. The term cool derives from what journalists perceived as an understated or subdued feeling in the music of Miles Davis, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Gerry Mulligan, Lennie Tristano, and others


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