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Music that comes out of minority community can challenge society. Twenty years ago Michael Jaskson made a song called "They Dont Really Care About Us"; in this song he challenged Americas treatment of minorities (example on the right). In 2013 Candice Glover made a song called "I Am Beautiful"; this song talks about confidence.Music has different meanings in different cultures. Some Islamic cultures think that music is the work of the devil but most Western Cultures think music brings up there self esteem.African music is a tradition in Africa. Africans emphasize singing because it's a way to communicate. Africans trade intruments with other Africans. Some of the different intruments they use are rattles, bells, stamping tubes, the mbira (thumb piano), and the xylophone.


Music can have a powerful affect on your self esteem. Music can help with making you feel good about yourself. There is a song called "Hate on Me" by this wonderful singer name Jill Scott and if you listen to the song the main purpose is bringing up your self esteem and how if someone doesnt like it's because there hatingon your uniquness.

During the 1800s black slaves sang gospel songs during there hard work in the feilds. They also sang gospel songs to communicate during the Revolution.Contemporary gospel is another version of traditional gospel.Contemporary gospel has two forms, praise in a fast tempo and worship in a slower tempo.

Music and Self Esteem...

Music and Cullture

Traditional Gospel music and Contemporary Gospel music

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